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The story and inspriation behind artomobile

Cars draw memories of people, places and childhood. Cars represent a time and place and evoke memories of journeys past.

Artomobile is a design line that allows you to reassociate yourself with these memories and introduce new conversations back into your home.

I have always been a lover of the classic car, previously owning many vintage cars including my favourite: a 1958 Ford Zephyr Mark II.

I remember giving one of my colleagues, Toby, a ride home from work one night in my Ford Zephyr. (Let me preface this by saying we were around the same age!) He turns and asks me where the gears were…! I had to explain to him the concept of a column shift and the look on his face was sheer confusion. Column shift! If that was his reaction, can you imagine the look on the face of my teenage daughter today?

From a young age, I spent a lot of time around classic cars. Over the years, my father owned a Chrysler Valiant S Series,  the EK Black Holden, a Dodge truck and a green 70's Triumph.

My dad’s first car, at the age of 20, was a Ford Prefect Ute, for which he paid only $10 and it ran on sup.

These paintings draw from memories of your first car, the family car you piled into for holidays, the car your dad had to sell when you were little, the car you had to buy because the family was getting larger. No seat belts in the back and a bench seat in the front! “Keep it down in the back there you kids or I’ll pull over!” as your dad waved his hand around menacingly whilst still driving.

My dad passed away when I was 12 and he left us with the trusty Holden Belmont. Mum and I used to laugh, given we had all these great cars over the years and yet the one we were left with was the white Holden Belmont! But it went, and served us well! And will forever be in our memories…

The classic Ford Zephyr Mark II and Zodiac, I owned in Sydney, driving me to and from university and jobs around town!