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The Holden Monaro GTS 327

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All designs are hand painted. The use of monochromatic colours and simple graphic representation give it the signature look for which the artist is known. Important to keep in mind is that all images are hand painted and no two paintings are alike in color. They are all delivered in a round post pack protected with acid free paper. At this stage, framed paintings can only be delivered within Singapore.

The Holden Monaro GTS 327

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The Holden Monaro GTS 327


“For those who don't like to hang back, Holden brings forward a mean new Monaro.”

Launched in 1968, the Monaro was a member of Holden's ambitious 'New Generation' HK range - Australia's first home-grown sports coupe. Its design was a clear and deliberate statement of national identity and reflected a more exciting, youthful image which was to embed itself into Australian culture.

The epitome of Aussie muscle, the sleek, pillarless two-door, with its long, wide body, flared wheel arches and sweeping roofline, was introduced 6 months after the rest of the range and soon took centre stage in Holden dealerships across the country.

Available in three variants: standard, GTS and GTS 327, the latter was powered by a huge 250 bhp (186 kW) Chevrolet 327 in3 (5,360 cc) V8 engine and sported unique wheel trims and black rally stripes.

Inspired by the very car which now sits in the Shepparton Motor Museum in Shepparton, Victoria, this painting now takes pride of place in Artomobile’s Aussie Classic range.


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