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The Bristol

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Welcome to the artomobile Shop!

All designs are hand painted. The use of monochromatic colours and simple graphic representation give it the signature look for which the artist is known. Important to keep in mind is that all images are hand painted and no two paintings are alike in color. They are all delivered in a round post pack protected with acid free paper. At this stage, framed paintings can only be delivered within Singapore.

The Bristol

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The Bristol


Planes, trains and automobiles…

The brainchild of businessman and philanthropist, Sir George White, Bristol Cars came into existence in 1945. But not before several predecessors in the sky, on road and rail: White introduced the first electric tramways to Britain, motor busses in 1904 , and as if this wasn’t enough, The Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1910, which successfully produced Bristol Boxkites and the Bristol Fighter, which was used in WWI.

With its production between 1969 and 1976, the Bristol 411, boasted a big (and thirsty) Chrysler V8 6.3 litre engine, which gave top speeds of up to 143mph and 30% more power than its previous incarnations. Several series of the 411 over the 7-year production lifetime saw standards such as self-levelling suspension, electric windows, halogen headlamps and rear seat belts.

A speciality hand-built luxury carmaker, Bristol has always maintained a low-volume manufacturing ethos, and this is certainly the case for the 411 with only 287 produced.

Not quite one of a kind, but not far off…


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